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         Dennis Carothers

Top Rated Contractor - 99 Dollar Painter, LLC
Elite Customer Service - 99 Dollar Painter, LLC
Rated & Reviewed HomeAdvisor Pro

Surface Application Specialists:        Walls/ Ceilings/ Trim/ Decks/ Fences/ Cabinets

Our Motto in the words of Jesus Christ :

 "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

In our own words:

"We paint every home as if it was our own."

Interior, Exterior, Faux, Walls, Ceilings, Decks, Fences.

55% 0f our business is prepping for sale.

Serving Middle Tennessee for over 20 years and with over 4000 clients we developed a system that allows premium painting at a discounted price with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! The '$99 Dollar Room' is simply a small to medium square or rectangle room, one coat to cover.

For a professional reference please call the Franklin Sherwin Williams store @ 615-790-6882.

I just painted a townhouse and my client was so happy she referred me to her immediate neighbors and I painted 3 of her neighbors townhouses. Nearly 100% of my business comes from my referrals.

History: My Dad (Neal the Painter) Carothers was a house painter and in the 1960's raised a family of 7 children making about $9 an hour, thats when gas was 28 cents a gallon, Soda was 10 cents, a 3 Bedroom 2 Bath house was $18,000.

Dad started me at the age of 8 at 25 cents an hour. John F. Kennedy was President, men were walking on the moon and Ed Sullivan Show/Bonanza/Star Trek, was the rage.

This why I am the most experienced painter you can find.

I take the highest degree of pride in my work. We inspect our work but if down the road you see something, we are a text/phone call away.

Dennis the 99 DOLLAR PAINTER @615-400-5134

Deck Staining / Interior Painting / Exterior Painting / Faux / Color Design / House Painting