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         Dennis Carothers

Top Rated Contractor - 99 Dollar Painter, LLC
Elite Customer Service - 99 Dollar Painter, LLC
Rated & Reviewed HomeAdvisor Pro

Surface Application Specialists:        Walls/ Ceilings/ Trim/ Decks/ Fences/ Cabinets

If you are scheduled for painting with the 99 Dollar Painter here's what you need to do:

1: Move all furniture to the center of the room (if your are physically unable we will move it for you)

2: Remove all electrical plates ( don't remove phone or cable, we will paint around those)

3: Have the paint on location: .

.for walls we use 'Sherwin Williams Duration Matte'

.for Ceilings we use 'Sherwin Williams Super Paint Flat'

.for Trim use Sherwin Williams 'Pro Classic latex" unless otherwise designated

4: Remember to tell the clerk that you are buying the paint on the 99 Dollar Painter Account for a 30% discount.

5: Try to pick reasonable colors (usually medium colors and greys cover best, avoid ultra deep base colors whenever possible) 

and remember we charge 50% extra for each additional coat, our premium paints insure the best possible coverage, great coverage is determined 

 😃 by the color you use and the sheen you are painting over, 80% of our painting requires one coat 20% requires more than one. Remember I am a

'Color Decorator' call me with color questions.

7: Don't worry: After the painting is done, if you see an error don't panic, just call us and we will be out the next day to make any corrections also,

if your human (we assume you are) things happen if your schedule changes just call or message us and we will reschedule

and please know we cover your floors and your furniture and will protect the integrity of your beautiful home

9: Rest Assured: We 100% guarantee our work and appreciate if you go to our website or to Facebook or any internet source and tell them about your


10: We accept all major credit cards

Deck Staining / Interior Painting / Exterior Painting / Faux / Color Design / House Painting