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         Dennis Carothers

Top Rated Contractor - 99 Dollar Painter, LLC
Elite Customer Service - 99 Dollar Painter, LLC
Rated & Reviewed HomeAdvisor Pro

Surface Application Specialists:        Walls/ Ceilings/ Trim/ Decks/ Fences/ Cabinets

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Dennis Carothers Music original (Christian Rock and Roll) and 40's style swing


Christian Rock and Roll Music to inspire your soul and cause you to want to dance to with song titles like:

'Wake up America', a John Mellencamp music style call to Holyness in America

'Glorified Bodys' a hilarious tune about aging

 Dennis also writes 40's style (Tony Bennet/Michael Buble) style songs on this 2nd album

Dennis and His Sons Christopher and Cameron are in 60's 70's 80's a rock n roll cover band called 'Sons' and are avialable for booking by calling 615-400-5134

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